Kindle Singles the New Amazon Shorts?

Amazon has announced a new Kindle Singles program. It sounds a lot like their old Amazon Short program that I loved. They are more expensive than the 49 cents they charged for Shorts. In fact, that may be why they discontinued Shorts. They apparently couldn't sell them in Canada or other countries because they would lose money on them. Or so some rumors said.  These Singles are more expensive but still very FRUGAL! Ha!

 I had several such booklets cum whitepapers published as Shorts. Here is a link that will give you a better idea of what they have in mind and I'll keep you tuned when I hear more:

See the cover of one of my original Shorts published by Amazon. below The buy widget is for the booklet I made out of it when the program was discontinued is to the left.  Guess we all need to keep evolving.